Premier limo Service

The Premier SA Limousine taxi Dallas is the ultimate means of transporting any group of people from one place to another. Whether it’s official or personal purposes, you can pick your family up from the airport or hotel, take a dinner cruise to the coast of Javea and enjoy some of the finest wines on earth under the watchful eye of your new driver.

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Airport & Cruise Terminal services

If you are planning a business trip, an international trip, or even a holiday in South Africa, then there is a high probability that you will require the services of an airport & cruise terminal. Most people do not realize the importance of booking tickets well in advance and are forced to wait for their flights

Taxi Service Dallas

If you are planning a vacation to the USA, one of your best options is to book a limousine service. When booking a limousine service, you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can hire a car that has comfortable seating for long-distance travel or you may want to choose a coupe.

Taxi Dallas Services

Taxi Dallas service offers you all the convenience of a limousine service, but in addition, provides you with a comfortable and convenient way to travel around the USA. The chauffeurs generally charge depending on the length of the journey. If you are only going a few miles, then you might find a cheap price for your limo services.

Fixed Rates

It’s a good thing when your occasion comes around again, as one of these days, it can be hard to find a good car rental service. Make sure that you are booked in advance for your night out with friends, or a night on the town. Many Limo Service Providers, will try to book you in as close to the date of your visit, as they possibly can, to guarantee their very best rates. A taxi dallas will take you from the airport straight to the curbside, reducing hassle. You can also take the bus, but it may stop at several places along the way to your final destination, leaving you in a different location. Moreover, the buses are not always punctual, and you may have to transfer buses to reach your destination. To avoid this, taxi dallas will come directly to your door. The Dallas-Fort Worth airport is well connected by buses, but they do not provide the convenience of a taxi.

Services to Fit Your Needs

One of the first benefits is that you can often save money by booking SA limo International service for the day. This is because the price will be split between all taxi Dallas sevice. You don’t have to worry about having to find a parking space either as most limo companies will provide a designated area for clients to park.

Quality Vehicles

SA Limo only uses the highest quality late model vehicles to ensure our client’s comfort and safety.

Taxi near me services

Experienced Taxi service providers in the USA are not only the best, but they are quite demanding too. If you are looking for a well-maintained and reliable taxi service in this state, make sure that you hire an operator or a driver with a considerable amount of experience in the taxi Dallas. Making the online reservation for the best-experienced drivers would also be able to handle emergencies in a prompt manner which is very useful in emergencies.

What a Kind of Car You Want Great Rental Offers for You


Start from $140.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000


Start from $150.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000


Start from $180.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000


Start from $85.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000


Start from $140.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000


Start from $140.00 / per hour
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Customer Reviews

SA Limo Services

Customer Reviews

Shahidul Islam

Best limo service

Asha Islam

Great service

Nazia ali

I really really like this service.. they're on time and very professional 👏


The best customer service I ever get from this company. Mr. Sayeed is very professional and friendly. I had a long trip with him to Houston. I didn’t feel bore for a single moment. He talk he care if need something, he asked several time if I need anything he can stop.
Undoubtedly this company is best in dfw.

Masum bhuiyan

There vary punctual and professional . Very good customer service

Muriel Jackson

I just wanted to send a quick note to you to let you know that our driver on Saturday night was AWESOME!! He was really great and made our trip in the limo that much more enjoyable!

Mark Hampton

Great services, really! I appreciate the quick, good service & the reasonable price. Their service is the best for me!

Brandt Virgen

We were very please with his service. The Car was very nice and clean. He has a great personality and was very professional. Recommended

Donna Portillo

I had to use taxis to get to work for a couple of weeks while my car was being fixed. I tried different companies, but only this one offered the quick and reliable transport I needed. Since then, I use them anytime I need a lift. I definitely recommend them!

Amy M

I highly recommend this limo service. They were on time and very respectful. We had a car full of high school prom dates and they really took care of the kids. Brother Pete is excellent!